Dr. Payman Joseph, MD
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About Our weight loss programs Physician

The founder Dr. P. Joseph has struggled with weight loss for many years. however, it had come to a point where his health was in danger. So he took a serious step and began the Optifast program. Within only two weeks he lost 15 lbs!. And by the time he completed the program he lost over 30 lbs!. Because of his own personal journey to success. Dr. Joseph is not only knowledgeable about the medical aspects of weight loss. Also he is the personal struggles and challenges one faces when feeling overweight and defeated. His mission by opening Skinny Me Med  as weight loss clinic is helping people feel positive, energetic, and most importantly successful.

Dr. Joseph is a highly experienced physician who works with women in his Ob/Gyn practice for over 20 years weight loss clinic in Los Angeles.  Due to his wealth of experience he is familiar with the hormonal balances and imbalances a woman may have that might be debilitating her success in weight loss.

Dr. Joseph holds and has held privileges in Southern California’s leading hospitals:

  • Valley Presbyterian Hospital
  • Glendale Memorial Hospital
  • Cedars Sinai Hospital
weight loss, weight loss clinic, weight loos program

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